Mauna Kea, Tallest Mountain, Largest Observatory, Hawaii
Mauna, Kea, Tallest Mountain in Hawaii, World's Largest Observatory

Mauna Kea, Tallest Mountain in Hawaii,
World's Largest Observatory


Mauna Kea

Standing at 13,796 feet, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in Hawaii. From November to April it is snow capped. It is renowned for its star gazing with NASA telescopes.

Mauna Kea, meaning "white mountain," is not only the world’s highest island peak; when measured from its underwater base, it is 33,476 feet tall, 4,448 feet higher than Mount Everest. The clean, dry air and absence of urban light makes the summit ideal for astronomical observations. Because of these advantages, the Mauna Kea Observatory (the world’s largest) has made many break-through discoveries. The public can share the spirit of discovery during star gazing programs, held daily from 6-10 p.m.

Climbing Mauna Kea is primarily long and tedious. The climb is a popular way for mainland Highpointers to combine hiking a state highpoint with a tropical vacation. A road to the observatory and guided tours make the summit accessible to nearly all.

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