Waterfalls & Hiking Adventures on the Big Island

Big Island Waterfalls and Hiking Adventures

Arguably, the Big Island of Hawaii has a more variable selection of hikes than any other Hawaiian Island. The hiking Hawaii adventures include rainforest hikes, eco-tours, volcano tours, lava tube hikes, hikes through the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, waterfall hikes, Mauna Loa summit adventures, bird watching hikes, mule ride adventures, various wildlife hiking tours and a variety of nature walks, walking tours and sightseeing tours of the island.

Perhaps the most exciting hikes are found in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here you will be immersed in the fantastic terrain, microclimates, dynamic geology and flora of Kilauea Volcano, unique in the entire world. Huge craters, steaming vents and molten lava (when access is feasible) are among the possibilities here on the youngest and most active of the Island's five volcanoes. Trail routes here range from an easy "sampler" to hard-core 14 mile adventures. The usual amount is 6 miles.

Other hikes will take you to the magnificent Waipio Valley. This route provides a rare opportunity to skirt the rim of the Islands most immense and best-loved valley. A historic trail takes you to places where you can securely view the ocean and the valley floor well over 1000 ft below. Crucial times in Hawaii's past unfold in the scenery at your feet: imagination comes alive as the guide's narration blends with the spectacular scenery to erase the bounds of time. The hiking, through rainforest and fields, over streams and waterfalls, is excellent. The setting is unmatched anywhere. A waterfall pool swim is always a refreshing option.

Polulu Valley Hike & Waterfalls
The Pololu Valley offers some magnificient views, such as the breathtaking Kapoloa Falls, which plunges 300 feet and cascades across the trail and then falling another 200 feet. Rainbow Falls, the most visited of the waterfalls and is located a few miles inland from Hilo. North of Hilo you will find the Akaka Falls, which can be viewed by a short 10-minute walk along a paved trail. Another few miles further north is the Umauma Waterfalls and Gardens.

This fairly level and easy three-mile walk is nestled in a lush, forested valley, crossing over delightful waterfalls. This incredible trail, carved into the cliffside a thousand feet above the valley floor, passes over quaint footbridges; hidden water tunnels and reveals breathtaking scenic views through the valley to the cliffs above the ocean.

The turnaround point is Kapoloa Falls, which provides one of the most dazzling photo opportunities the island has to offer. This breathtaking waterfall drops three hundred feet above you and two hundred feet below as it cascades over the trail. On the way back, enjoy a private and secluded lookout point where you will experience the unforgettable panorama of Hawaii’s magnificent pali coastline with its miles of towering sea cliffs and waterfalls.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hike
Hawaiian Walkways’ routes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park encompass lush rain forests, lava tubes, steam vents, craters, a desert, islands of vegetation isolated by lava flows, and, sometimes, eruption sites with molten lava. We reach into seldom-visited corners of this active volcano, giving our hikers uncrowded settings.

Waipi’o Waterfall Adventure
This hike route provides a rare opportunity to skirt the rim of the Island’s most immense and best-beloved valley. Historical trails take us to places where we can securely view streams and waterfalls close-up, and the ocean and valley floor well over 1,000 feet below. Crucial times in Hawaii’s past unfolded in the scenery at our feet.

Akaka Falls Near Hilo
Akaka Falls, located above Honomu, just North of Hilo is actually two waterfalls located on a 1/2 mile circular path. To get there, turn into Honomu (the turnoff will be between the 13 and 14 mile markers on Highway 11, look for the large sign that says Honomu). Follow that road up through the town, take a left at the dead end, take a right at the old cane road that leads to the parking area. The old cane road may not be marked. It is just past all the stores that are on the left. If you get to houses on both sides of the road you have gone too far

The End of the World
This little jaunt could run the gamut from a walk to a hike depending on how ambitious you are.  The name is misleading as the trail is actually right in the Keauhou area by the ocean.  Drive south on Ali`i Drive all the way to the end.  You will see a trail head and you can park alongside the road. More..

Manuka State Park Hiking
A couple of times a year we enjoy a leisurely drive through South Kona to Manuka State Park.  We bring a lunch for a picnic at the tables in the park entry area, and then we head out on the marked trail.  This area is forested with many native trees and shrubs including `Ohi`a, Kopiko, Mamaki and Olopua, to name a few.  These are marked with identification tags.  This has been a valuable skills-building playground for me over the years, in learning about Hawai`ian native plants.  More

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Wapio Waterfall

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